Advocacy with Health Care Providers


AFH Objectives

African Family Health is a locally initiated, non-racial, non-political, non-religious, multi disciplinary, non-profit making organization that seeks to promote the health of people – in Kenya and the East Africa region through research, communication, advocacy and capacity building.

The organization seeks to be an Institution that continually strengthens internal stewardship, ensuring leadership, Synergy, and accountability in order to maximize equity in the communities we work in.

AFRICAN FAMILY HEALTH shall have the following principal objectives:

  1. To undertake cross boarder humanitarian assistance projects, and beyond that, within all countries we work in.
  2. To raise, mobilize and disburse funds and other resources for the promotion of families, women, children and the youth through this organization.
  3. To establish or assist in the establishment of schools and other educational centers and libraries,
  4. To publish newsletters, brochures, periodicals, books and other publications for the promotion of the objectives that African Family Health stands for.

To enter into any arrangement with any governments, national authorities and/or international donor agencies that may seem conducive to AFRICAN FAMILY HEALTH’s objectives or any of them, and to obtain from such governments, national authorities and/or international donor agencies any rights, privileges and concessions which AFRICAN FAMILY HEALTH may think desirable to obtain for its function