Advocacy with Health Care Providers


A world of Capacity Building

In all that we do, we aim to leave behind a strengthened local capacity to design, manage, and evaluate without outside assistance. We build capacity through thoughtful assessments of strengths and weaknesses, and use training, coaching, mentoring and exchanges to build leadership and put programs in the hands of those closest to the target groups.

 …Improving the World and the Bottom Line

The AFH Study Centre  has worked with Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, Government, Professional Associations, Networks Alliances, Coalitions, and Private Institutions to strengthen Human and Institutional Capacity

The aim is to unite businesses and nonprofits in a model that brings a business operations outlook to non-profits, to achieve the charity effect more efficiently. AFH provides training on all aspects of organizational development. Finance, HR, administration, Business planning, strategy, evaluations, sustainability and controls.

Our expertise is in building the capacity of nonprofits to work with business and working with businesses to make their community investments more strategic and aligned with their business objectives.

improve the world

Improving the World and the Bottom Line