Advocacy with Health Care Providers


AFH Study Centre World

We assist business in finding responsible non-profit partners, facilitate the negotiation of successful agreements, and work with corporations on community investments.


Since Inception AFH has provided a variety of services that cover the spectrum from planning research, program design, management, skills training, staff mentoring, and program evaluation. Please view our services section to learn more about how AFH can work with you.

Building Human & Institutional Capacity

  1. Project Management
  2. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  3. Advocacy
  4. Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
  5. Networking
  6. Strategy Planning and development
  7. Proposal writing
  8. Policy writing.

Family Health

  1. Sexual Gender Based Violence
  2. HIV and AIDS
  3. Adolescent reproductive health
  4. Maternal health
  5. FGM
  6. Malaria
  7. Drug & substance Abuse


AFH has over 5 years of experience in the design and management of monitoring and evaluation systems. We are noted for our innovative, cost effective methodology. AFH  served as the evaluation subcontractor for the Presidents Malaria Initiative with Research Triangle Institute RTI, the PPFA – reproductive health providers Network, the World bank funded TOWA project with the national AIDs Control Council  and we are subcontractors for UNICEF funded Somali Aid Foundation carrying out the first ever FGM baseline survey in Mogadishu. AFH sets up monitoring systems that local staff can manage and use. We focus on management information systems that allow local project staff to gather information on their strategies and make better use of their human and financial resource


AFH capacity Building Division has experience in the design and management of virtually any type of event from small seminars to large, multinational conferences. AFH has designed and managed training systems and events in over 65 Constituencies and 14 Counties in Kenya. Because of our ability to utilize international experience to develop home grown solutions for Local organizations systems strengthening, we have special expertise in cultural issues including FGM, Gender Based Violence and advocacy around gender dynamics and ethnic diversity. We have carried out award winning workshops for development of policy level communiqués for our clients including the USAID funded Fanikisha grantees

Community Development

The AFH founder is a community development expert.Eva is trained as an Anthropologist and who later branched out to Population Studies and Public Health. Under her leadership AFH works with communities on ways to identify and solve their problems using local resources and sustainable solutions.

At AFH we are driven by our belief in peoples ability to overcome challenges that crush them,

We draw our strength from the unwavering vision of a world free of preventable deaths ;

We are emboldened by advances in science and technology that present tremendous and opportunity to channel and connect human talent, and innovations. We are committed  to  setting  agenda and delivering results

We believe that people have a right to be involved in any decision that will affect them. The role of the outside agency is to provide the community with the information they need to make good decisions. When people are involved in the process of decision making, they are more willing to be involved in solving the problems.

AFH. has special expertise in public health programs including family planning, Sexual gender Based Violence, Adolescent Sexual reproductive Health, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, and vector control such as malaria

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